Handmade by Hugh Mackay Ranges Disclaimer

This product is intended for residential use only.

Shading, also referred to as watermarking, roll crush, or reverse pile, can occur on all cut pile and cut/loop pile carpets, which is an inherent effect on the product regardless of fibre or quality. The cause is unknown, and the rate of incidence is unpredictable despite extensive industry research. Further, there is no method to make it occur or likewise a method of prevention, and therefore is not considered to be a manufacturing defect. As a result, claims will not be considered for this condition. Normal foot traffic and frequent, thorough vacuuming should improve this condition.

It is inherent with fine handmade, tufted, and woven carpets to have certain variances in the surface texture. As with all quality natural fibres, minor differences in yarn sizes are inevitable. These should not be construed as defects, but are inherent to the beauty of a fine handmade carpet.

Shedding is a natural characteristic of all carpets. Loose bits of natural fibre may appear on the carpet surface and can be removed with gentle vacuuming. Improper maintenance, dragging objects, or overly aggressive vacuum methods can distort pile and cause excessive fuzzing.

Depending on the pattern and colour, yarns produced from natural fibres may sometimes appear to streak in the surface of the carpet. Natural fibres must be allowed greater tolerance than those of synthetic yarns.

In handmade products, pattern, repeat and dimensions will inevitably vary. As such, exact pattern match at seams may sometimes not be possible. Side matching is achievable but can be challenging. Seams may require trimming, shearing, or colour balancing. These adjustments are not due to defects but are necessary steps to bring some installations to a professional conclusion. Your customer should be advised that seams will never be invisible.

Tencel is a natural fibre made from wood pulp. As such, Tencel is suited only for dry, indoor areas. It is inherently absorbent and should not be placed in areas that are damp or where spills are likely to occur (kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and porches).

Due to variations in dye lot, actual carpet colours may vary. If shade is critical we recommend that you order a CFA (cut for approval)

Conventional tack and pad installation is recommended, over a firm, dense pad, such as synthetic felt.

Use caution when installing any handmade, tufted, or woven product with any stretching device.

F or optimum side match and finished seam appearance, this product should be installed with the seams running perpendicular to major (outside) lighting sources.

No claim will be considered on carpet that is cut or installed with visible defects, or installed with a pattern mismatch.

All woven carpets should be cut from the face of the carpet, following the row.

We do not warranty broadloom on stair installations, and as such we will not entertain any claims on such installations.

Chair mats are recommended under office chairs with rolling castors to preserve appearance and act as deterrent towards accelerated wear.

Give your carpet the normal protection from direct sunlight that you would give to any coloured fabric. Fading can also be caused by emissions from heating fuels or chemicals such as pesticides, household cleaning agents, and other household items.

Suction-only vacuuming is required on these goods to prevent pulls and snags.

As with any product of this type, no guarantee, written or implied, applies to pulls and snags.

Specifications may vary within normal industry tolerance.

For stria carpet, the yarn striation is part of the beauty of the design. Striation will vary from roll to roll, and will vary from the sales samples. Lines formed by the design are not a defect. All patterns are cut on pattern, to the closest repeat, over quantity ordered.

Colours designated as Natural are produced from blending various colour fibres and may create a random spotting effect, which is desirable in the look of all natural fibres.

Sprouts can develop during handling. Clipping sprouts is recommended.

Bowing and variation in loop size are common. Bowing tolerances vary by product and will not exceed industry standards.

The hydroscopic nature of natural fibres means that they adjust to environmental conditions. Areas with varying humidity may experience some contraction and expansion with natural fibres.

For indoor use only. Hand-loomed and woven carpets should not be used in areas where ventilation is inadequate.

Newly opened rolls of latex-backed carpets may have an aroma. This will dissipate over a period of time.

We reserve the right to discontinue patterns or qualities.